Call Center Solution

The right call center management solution can help you maximize the return on your software investment by increasing campaign design and customization capabilities, enabling change flexibility, and the providing the best possible customer contacts. Regard Network Solutions provides industry leading technology and design in its solution for call center. The key elements of success being ease of integration, campaign management, and a variety of tools to increase customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

What's more, Regard call center solution can be integrated with your existing hardware and telephony. Regard customized Call Center solutions include state-of the-art predictive dialing, automatic call distributor, Interactive voice response, fax on demand, Voice messaging, Voice Logging, advanced call center management, agent module for clients throughout the international business market.

Our solutions allow companies to more effectively communicate with their customers via multiple channels including inbound / outbound voice, email and fax and enhancing productivity and quality and reducing operating costs.

Our Solution

  • Telco Dialler Software for Outbound Dialling Productivity
  • Pop Up Screen for Client Information to Agents.
  • Call Center Recording and Monitoring Software.
  • Coaching and Monitoring Improves Call Center Service Quality.
  • Agent Scripting for Intelligent Agent and Customer Interactions.
  • Call Center Database Query Builders - Campaign Management Tools.
  • Web-based interaction management.