CTI Solution

Computer telephony integration, also called computer–telephone integration or CTI, is a common name for any technology that allows interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated or coordinated.

CTI Solutions We Offer

  • Telco Dialer

  • Increasing the productivity of call center agents has always been a goal. In today's market place there is a new directive to make the highest rate of successful contacts and also to comply with outbound regulations while maintaining the most efficient budget possible. With Telco DIALER you can achieve all of these.

  • Telco UMS

  • After all, we realize that the real power in business lies not just in sending or Receiving messages, but in how best you can manage all the communication. The world is now unifying. Are you? Telco UMS is built on the latest technology of Computer Telephony Integration Using world standard hardware and software

  • Telco IVRS

  • Have you ever wished that you had a tool to create your personalized IVR solution, a tool which should enable you to create IVR solutions yourself and frees you from hassles of contacting the software vendor for even minor customizations. Well, if the answer is YES, then Telco IVRS is what you are looking for.

  • Telco Voice Logger

  • Telco Digital Voice Logger is a compact, innovative, state-of-the-art digital recorder that simultaneously records multiple channels of telephone calls. It monitor, record, retrieve, log, review, analyze and achieve virtually real time verification of telephone conversations with ease.

  • Telco Voice Mail System

  • In the past, you had to punch in a series of numbers to be able to complete your call. Not anymore. The new Telco VMS has all the features of an efficient auto–attendant and voice mail system plus the latest technology of speech recognition. All put together, to revolutionize your business.

  • Telco Fax Server

  • Telco Fax Server is your faithful assistant to handle all your incoming and outgoing fax handling jobs. It provides an automated, centralized management for all your these activities. Able to handle multiple faxes simultaneously on different ports, your company can have all numbers as telefax.

  • Telco Fax on Demand

  • Telco FoD combines interactive voice response (IVR) and fax to deliver information on hard copy to anyone with a touch-tone phone and a fax machine. It is an ideal tool for Sales and Marketing departments to automatically respond to customers' requests.