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Data Center Power Solution

The electrical power plant and distribution system design is crucial to data center reliability and operational efficiency. new blade server technology creates enormous power demands to energize the servers and to support incremental air-conditioning requirements. Several fundamental principles should serve as the foundation for the electrical system design

With the rise of Internet services in recent years, the demand for datacenters has grown rapidly. However, the energy consumed by a data center is 100 times higher than that consumed by an office of the same size. Building a data center hardware and software environment that ensures continuous stable operations and reduces energy consumption has become an urgent priority.

Power is now the single largest operational cost in a IT facility. Many data center managers don’t know the efficiency and usage of their IT equipment or the supporting infrastructure. Economic conditions and regulatory developments now necessitate data centers to know, understand and manage their power demand. Our power monitoring solutions provide the alerting, data, visualization, and reporting necessary to manage your data center.