Email Solution

Telco Mail Server - Linux

It consists of three main components

  • Mail Transfer Agent
  • Mail Delivery Agent
  • Mail Retrieval Agent

The Linux mail server performs efficiently for volumes as high as 450,000 transactions/day on a simple hardware comprising a Pentium II desktop having 512Mb RAM and operating on the RedHat Linux 7.1 OS.

Some of its Key Features.

  • Support for 1 to 23 million virtual email domains and 1 to 23 million email users per domain.

  • Pluggable Authentication Modules. Can be customized to run any third-party authentication module.

  • Greater relay control, support for authenticated SMTP and POP before SMTP.

  • Inbuilt Firewall to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Coding in C language ensures closeness to the OS for optimized performance.

  • Automated system to continuously monitor all critical mail services.

  • Multiple Mail Client support: MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, Pine, and MUTT.

  • Easy to use and intuitive administration tools.

  • Protection against denial of service attacks.

  • LDAP address book facility.

  • Bounced message notification to sender

SMS Solution

Why you should choose our SMS solution?

  • The SMS Server is divided into two modules, one is SMS Receiver used to receive SMS request from various clients, and other, SMS Sender which is used to send SMS to Mobiles.

  • This application uses TCPIP protocol to send and receive SMS.

  • The client can upload bulk SMS through SMS client application, for sending.

  • Server considers various parameters like priority, scheduled Date/Time etc. before sending SMS.

  • It can send about 1000 SMS per minute.

  • It also shows the online status of all the SMS which are delivered, pending and failed.

  • It displays all the active clients who are connected on a given time.

  • Server also maintains the Credit limits of all clients.

  • It also bears the provision of generating various MIS reports.