Sensors System

Sensors for Data Center

Regard Network Solution is providing you the best range of Datacenter Environment Monitoring Sensors Systems such as Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Water Sensors, Smoke Detectors and PIR Sensors with effective & timely delivery.

There are different types of sensors where Regard Network team will help you to deploy best suited solution for your need

Temperature Sensors

A sensor is a device that measures a physical quantity and converts it into a signal which can be read by an observer or by an instrument. A sensor’s ’sensitivity’ is the degree to which its output changes when the measured quantity changes. The appropriate sensors may be selected based on the parameter one needs to monitor.

Humidity Sensors

• Humidity Monitoring Range: 30% to 90% Humidity
• Humidity Monitoring Accuracy: ± 5% RH @ 25oC
• Humidity Hysteresis: Programmable 0.1%RH to 9.9%RH in 0.1 increments

Smoke Detector

      • Standby current: 10μA
      • Alarm current: 30μA
      • Temperature range: -10 - 50oC
      • Alarm density: 0.65 - 1.55%FT
      • Alarm volume: 85dB in 3-meter distance
      • ABS fire resistant plastic case